Massage Therapy

Massage policy: Clients must be 16 years or older to receive a massage.  Clients under the age of 16, must have a parent or guardian in the treatment room.

Signature Massage

This is our most popular and enjoyable massage. Relaxation is promoted by incorporating gentle pressure with long, smooth strokes. Pressure is light to medium.

  • 30 minutes~ $45
  • 60 minutes ~ $75
  • 90 minutes ~ $105

Add On Services for Massage Therapy:

  • Deep Tissue $20
  • Hot Stones $15
  • Prenatal $15 (We recommend that prenatal massages are booked after the 1st trimester)
  • Full Body Exfoliating Brushing ~ $10
  • Hydrating Hand and Foot Mask ~ $15
  • Young Living Essential Oils ~ $4
  • Cupping Therapy, 15 minutes ~ $20

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage – NEW

  • 30-minutes $65
  • 60-minutes $125
  • 90-minutes $185

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage – Lymphatic massage is a technique for treatment of lymphedema, an accumulation of fluid that can occur after lymph nodes are removed during surgery, most often due to cancer. Lymphatic drainage massage will help stimulate lymph and drain these wastes and toxins from the body. Lymphatic drainage massage benefits include enhancing skin health, relieving stress and tension, strengthening the immune system, and benefiting those with edema.

Raindrop Massage Treatment – NEW

  • 30 minutes $55
  • 60 minutes $85

Raindrop Massage Treatment is a form of therapy that helps loosen the muscle through aromatherapy. Raindrop also strengthens the immune system, improve circulation, reduces pain, relieves the effects of stress, reduces inflammation, flushes toxins from the body, reduces fatigue and increases energy.

Stretch Massage – NEW

  • 30-minutes $45

Stretch Massage is a traction-based system that focus on opening the joints before moving into a stretch; it is based on stretching the body from the core out using gentle, smooth, rhythmic movement.

Couple’s Massage Retreat

Enjoy a relaxing 60-minute Signature massage and hydrating hand & foot treatment for two in our adjoining massage rooms. $150

Chair Massage

Enjoy a relaxing chair massage with a focus on your neck, shoulders and back.

  • 15 minutes ~ $20


Reflexology massage will indeed help you relax and will increase circulation throughout your body to ease any conditions or problems in your body. This treatment works by applying a very specific amount of pressure to a very specific spot on your feet. This service includes a hydrating mask and hot towel wrap.

  • 30 minutes ~ $40
  • 60 minutes ~ $70

Sinus/Allergy/Headache Treatment

If you suffer from chronic sinus headaches, allergy headaches or migraines this treatment will truly help! We may apply hot or cold stones to the affected area to release pressure and open up nasal passages and blood flow to reduce the pain. $45 Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is an option as well. $65 Please let us know if you want further details at the time of booking.