Massage Therapy

Massage policy: Clients must be 16 years or older to receive a massage.  Clients under the age of 16, must have a parent or guardian in the treatment room.

Swedish Massage

This is our most popular and enjoyable massage. Relaxation is promoted by incorporating gentle pressure with long, smooth strokes. Pressure is light to medium.

  • 30 minutes~ $37.00
  • 60 minutes ~ $67.00
  • 90 minutes ~ $97.00

Hot Stone Massage

This special massage offers the best of both worlds, combining the healing touch of the therapist’s hands with the therapeutic properties of smooth, heated stones. The warmth of the stones combined and the Swedish massage, helps to alleviate sore muscles and promote relaxation.

  • 60 minutes ~ $87.00
  • 90 minutes ~ $117.00

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage involves therapeutic techniques that a person needs to restore their body alignment and range of motion. Firm pressure relieves the deep layers of the muscle tension, toxins and stress.  Pressure level is medium to firm.

  • 60 minutes ~ $87.00
  • 90 minutes ~ $117.00

Prenatal Massage*

Swedish style massage aimed at relieving the tension associated with pregnancy. Special positioning for mom ensures a relaxing and enjoyable experience that is good for mom and safe for baby.*Massage therapy is not recommended for those in their first trimester*

  • 60 minutes ~ $77.00

Couple’s Massage Retreat

Enjoy a relaxing 60 minute Swedish massage, hydrating hand and foot treatment followed by a warm paraffin treatment. $197


Reflexology massage, will indeed relax you, but will aim to increase circulation throughout your body to ease any conditions or problems in your body. This treatment works by applying a very specific amount of pressure to a very specific spot on your feet. This service includes a hydrating mask and hot towel wrap.

  • 30 minutes ~ $35.00
  • 60 minutes ~ $65.00

Massage Therapy with Cupping

We’ve seen Olympic athletes do it for sports injuries, and celebrities do it for detox, but the benefits of cupping go even farther than that. Cupping can help with a myriad of health concerns ranging from digestive to respiratory issues, as well as mental health, well-being and even anti-aging.

  • 30 minutes ~ $37.00
  • 60 minutes ~ $67.00
  • 90 minutes ~ $97.00

Stop Smoking, Weight Loss and Body Contouring Cupping treatments are available. Please call for details and pricing.
Massage Series – When you purchase 30, 60 or 90 minute massages in a series of 3 or more, you will receive a 10% discount.

Add On Services for Massages:

  • Full Body Exfoliating Brushing ~ $10.00
  • Hydrating Hand and Foot Mask ~ $15.00
  • Young Living Essential Oils ~ $4.00
  • Cupping Therapy, 15 minutes ~ $15.00