Stonebrook Fitness Studio

Yoga Class Pricing

******Special pricing for May 2020 – $8 per class in studio or via Zoom*******

$12 – Walk In
$54 – 6 Class Card (expires after 30 days)
$80 – 10 Class Card (expires after 45 days)
$99 – 30 Day Unlimited (expires after 30 days)

Level I – No experience – Beginner Students
Level II – Beginner – Intermediate Students
Level III – Intermediate – Advanced Students
All Levels – Suitable for All Students

Class Schedule for May

10:30am Gentle Yoga (Zoom only)
5:30pm Power Yoga (Live and Zoom)

7:00am Intro to Vinyasa (Live and Zoom)
10:30am Slow Flow (Zoom only)

10:30am Gentle Yoga (Zoom only)
5:30pm Yin (Live and Zoom)

7:00am Intro to Vinyasa (Live and Zoom)
12:00 Noon Yin Yoga (Zoom only)

10:30am Gentle Yoga (Zoom only)
4:30pm Power Yoga (Zoom only)

10:30am Restorative Yoga (Zoom only)

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga (All Levels) – This is a gentle approach to Yoga postures with little to no standing postures. Expect to move slowly and breathe mindfully finding balance between effort and ease. Props and modifications will be offered.

Yin Yoga (All Levels) – In this class you will hold yogic postures for longer periods of time with a greater emphasis on breath and surrender. Longer holds allow the student to move into connective tissues of the body with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Yin is a more meditative approach to Yoga and will leave you feeling tranquil and calm. Modifications and props will be offered.

Intro to Vinyasa (Level I) – This class is designed for the beginner yoga student and will give you the basics of a flow class, allowing you to build strength and confidence on your mat as you learn the foundational movements of vinyasa and common yoga postures. No experience is necessary for this class. Props and modifications will be offered.

Power Vinyasa (Level II and III) – Prepare to SWEAT!! This class is designed to build strength and endurance through breath to movement dynamic flow. This class will incorporate vinyasa flow, balance postures, inversions and playful arm balances. Come ready to be challenged and ready to have fun!! Props and modifications will be offered.

Restorative Yoga (All Levels) – Looking to relax the body and mind through relaxation and surrender? This is the class for you! Restorative Yoga is long held relaxational poses with the use of props for comfort and accessibility. Your body will let go of tension, your mind will become tranquil and your heart will thank for taking time to love yourself.

Slow Flow (All Levels) – This class is a slow methodical approach to vinyasa and is suitable for everyone. IN this class we will slowly move through a variety of seated as well as standing postures as we learn basic poses and breath work. Modifications will be provided, so everyone is welcome!