The Stonebrook Project, Inc.

Oklahoma 501c3 Nonprofit               EIN 82-3378063

Mission: Making a difference until there is a cure.


Our Founder & Executive Director, Edie Tolbert, is a breast cancer survivor of 13 years. Diagnosed in 2008 with stage 0 DCIS, she opted for a single mastectomy and reconstruction. Her sentinel node tested negative for cancer and, therefore, neither chemo nor radiation were warranted. Because of the overwhelming support she received, she wanted to find a way to give back. After opening Stonebrook Day Spa in 2010, she provided one complementary massage to both cancer patients as well as survivors.

To meet the growing needs of cancer patients, Edie launched The Stonebrook Project (TSP) in November of 2017. In our first year as a nonprofit, our 2018 goal was to serve cancer patients with 175 complementary oncology massage services; in fact, we provided 490 services. In 2019, we provided 829 complementary oncology massage services to cancer patients and currently have 224 cancer clients at two local day spas. We logged 701 hours offsite at Cancer Treatment Center of America and Northeastern Oklahoma Cancer Institute, both within the Tulsa Metro Area.


The mission of The Stonebrook Project is to “make a difference until there is a cure.” When having a cancer diagnoses, fear, stress and anxiety can become overwhelming. Oncology Massage Therapy is based both on compassion and specialized massage treatments to help people manage their cancer experience. Oncology Massage Therapy is a modified treatment according to the full spectrum of cancer-related issues: the physical, psycho-social and emotional consequences of cancer.

Our massage therapists are not only licensed by the Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology but are certified in Oncology Massage Therapy. With their expertise in the principles of chemotherapy, radiation, naturopathic methods of treatment and Oncology Massage Therapy they provide a patient with a thorough care plan for relief of pain, anxiety, stress and fear while navigating a patient’s way through treatment.

Oncology Massage Therapy has benefits which include improved relaxation, sleep and immune function as well as reducing nausea. With these benefits, cancer patients have the strength to move through treatment and heal.

We provide complementary oncology massage therapy services to men and women currently in treatment for cancer.

For more information about The Stonebrook Project, please check out our website at  or call 918.379.6838